Luann's older brother. Luann usually shows a common snarky sibling attitude toward Brad (and vice versa). He used to work at Weenie World, a hot dog and hamburger restaurant similar toWienerschnitzel. However, following the events of 9/11, Brad was inspired to become afirefighter. Brad was previously shown to be an out of shape couch potato, but to become a firefighter, Brad worked out to pass his fitness exams, and has since been drawn with a more fit physique and a more well defined jawline. Brad moved into a rental home owned by his parents that he shares with his best friend, T.J., which had been fire damaged by T.J., neglecting a frying pan on the kitchen stove, and was later remodeled. While not working as a firefighter, Brad is shown fixing his dilapidated car. Since becoming a firefighter, Brad's storylines have shared equal, if not more, time than Luann's storylines.
In June 2011, due to budget cuts, Brad was laid off from his fire station, bringing an end to his career as a firefighter (or at least temporarily).