Toni's jealous former boyfriend, who, like Tiffany to Luann, serves as Brad's main rival, and who has been both emotionally abusive toward Toni and physically violent to Brad, and often had severe anger problems (Possibly stemming from taking steroids). The grudge between him and Brad began when Brad drove off with Toni and away from him one night, and Dirk chased after them and ended up crashing and would have died, had it not been for Brad who rushed to his aid and resuscitated him in time. Since then, Dirk had become very insecure with Toni, a foreshadowing of their eventual break-up. After striking Brad at his Fire Academy Graduation Ceremony, he was arrested and a restraining order was issued ordering him to stay away from Brad. Following his release from jail, he took a mandatory anger management course, but he has continuously violated the restraining order (since October 2005). Unwilling to accept Toni dumping him, he continuously stalked her and tried to impress her with shallow gimmicks to try to win her back. In the beginning of May 2006, he was sent back to jail because Brad called the police on him for violating his restraining order.
Dirk returned to the strip as a garbage collector on 09/06/2010 but claims to be working that job only until he starts at the police academy. His true intentions are unknown at this time.
First Appearance: 6/19/2003