The "Elvis Jr." of Pitts High School. and multi-millionaire, thanks it seems to his Eyez of Zeye game. He is half Luann's height, very arrogant, and is willing to walk in and out on any woman at anytime he pleases. He once accepted Luann's offer to take him to the Spring 2005 Dance, until he 'was asked by someone better', but then went back to Luann once again to go with her, who turned him down for his arrogance. Later he turned up as the boyfriend of Tiffany, who presumably only went out with him because he was, of all things, a millionaire video game creator. Four years later, in January 2009, he returned as a potential contributor for the fee to pay for Delta's flight ticket to D.C. in exchange for Luann going on a date with him. Luann reluctantly agreed, and went with him to a fancy restaurant which he claims he owns. He has subsequently reappeared making passes at Luann, and visiting her at the library where she works (And earning Gunther's contempt). Bernice believes he is a fraud, and has had many strips were she claims to be suspicious of Elwood, as she can find no mention of him or his multi-millionaire status on the internet. In September 2009, Elwood proposed to Luann. She turned down the proposal and returned the ring (which he claimed to be a $15,000 diamond but was valued by a jeweler as a $50 cubic zirconia), and he has not been seen since.
First Appearance: 3/25/2005
Last Appearance: 10/10/2009