Pitts High School's smartest student with poor fashion sense and gentlemanly qualities. To Luann, he is sweet and sincere, but a doofus. Despite the number of times Luann has heaped disrespect, humiliation, and indignity on him, Gunther often finds himself coming back to Luann, since she's the one girl he's been in love with his entire life. She often hints love interest at him only so that he continues to pursue her, something she enjoys. If he does not, she will get insecure and possessive of him. He has an on-again, off-again romantic interest for Luann at times and for Bernice at other times, seeing as how he has much more in common with her. He had just began to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, attracting Luann in more ways than ever. He joined Luann in volunteering to read to children at the local library, and showed an unexpected facility with sewing, making elaborate costumes based on the story Luann planned to read. Gunther lived with his mother. He showed a good deal of insecurity about his father choosing to desert the family when Gunther was young, and worried that it was because of him. Luann expressed ambivalence about Gunther, but to be a caring and genuine friend, volunteered to help him maintain his home when his mother broke her leg.