Brad's girlfriend and fellow firefighter. She joined Brad in all of the Pre-Fire Academy courses, including the CPR and first aid, EMT, and the paramedic classes, until Brad failed the physical exam for Fire Academy the first time, and had to go onto the next one alone. Her boyfriend, Dirk, had grown jealous of Brad and Toni's friendship and became emotionally abusive to Toni and physically violent with Brad, which led to her eventually dumping Dirk. Toni began to trust Dirk again for a short time after he was released from jail, even letting him socialize with her. After Brad had Dirk arrested for violating his restraining order too many times, Brad and Toni stopped speaking for several months. However, after Brad moved out into his rental home, Toni visited Brad on more than one occasion, and since then, they both started to reconnect.
First Appearance: 1/19/2002
In a mid-2009 storyline, Toni, while putting out a fire at a residential house, was climbing a ladder that had become wet from the fire hoses, slipped, fell and was caught by Brad. In so doing, Brad seriously injured himself and was taken to the hospital. As a thanks, Toni offered to stay by Brad's side and look after him and as much as needed until he's fully recovered. During his recovery period, Toni professed her love for Brad: 7/21/2009 In a recent 2010 holiday strip, Toni and Brad are out shopping, during which she has him hold her purse while she buys lingerie, even asking his favorite color (he said blue), which may be a sign that their relationship is heading to the next level.
In June 2010, it was established that her parents died in a car crash, and she and her brother were brought up by their aunt (who is probably married, as in an early storyline, Toni got a used car from her uncle), they moved to Pitts about 4 years ago, and that Toni's brother is the father of Shannon.